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A former high school English teacher, and creator of Creative Writing curriculum for public schools in Texas, Illinois, and New Mexico, Joy Preble offers writing instruction for both teens and adults. She has conducted workshops for the Montgomery County Library system in Texas, at book festivals such as the Louisiana Festival of Books, Montgomery County Book Festival, and Houston Teen Book Con, and in both public and private school settings. Joy has presented writing panels in a wide variety of academic settings, including National Council of Teacher's of English, Encyclomedia, and Sam Houston State Children's and YA Conference. She has been on the writing faculty for the Houston SCBWI annual conference. Her workshops are hands-on and interactive, designed to allow writers-in-training to come away with practical tips for improving and developing their style. In addition to the workshops listed below, she also tailors programs to the needs of schools and classes, including creative writing workshops designed to develop student skills needed for the writing portions of Texas standardized state tests.

Joy offers both on site and virtual (SKYPE) visits to schools, libraries, book clubs, women's groups, conferences and educational meetings.

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Presentations for Teens and Adults

Any of these workshops can also be combined to best meet writing students' needs and sessions can last from one to two hours, depending on what works for the group.

1. Making your Characters Come to Life
Creating and developing real, three-dimensional characters. Who are your characters? What do you know about them? What do they know about themselves? What do they want? How are you going to keep it from them? Why? This workshop takes student writers through a series of activities designed to help them write characters who feel real to the reader.

2. Characters and Conflict
Without conflict, there is no story. This workshop takes students through the development of internal and external conflict and how it connects to characterization, plot and theme. May be combined with the character development workshop for a fuller learning experience.

3. The Best Stories are in the Revision Process
Revision matters. This workshop takes students through the revision process, including word choice, POV, verb tense, pacing, paragraphing, scene development and organization, allowing writers to see the choices they have in storytelling.

4. Once Upon a Time: Folklore, Fairy Tales and Storytelling
This workshop gives writing students the opportunity to learn how contemporary YA writers use fairy tales and folklore. We will look at both my own Dreaming Anastasia series and its use of Russian folklore and fairy tales as well as other YA writers such as Elizabeth C. Bunce and Jackson Pearce, both of whom re-purpose classic Grimm's fairy tales. We will also look at how TV and film are currently using fairy tales. Students will have the opportunity to brainstorm their own re-tellings of favorite tales.

5. Never Give Up: My Writer's Journey to Success
This inspirational presentation tracks my transformational journey from classroom teacher to published author and can include a writer's workshop if desired.

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