Book an Author Visit


Joy offers both on site and virtual visits to schools, libraries, and educational meetings, facilitates workshops for both students and adults and presents and critiques at conferences. Joy will also tailor workshops to the needs of the group. Joy also offers editing services for select adult writers.

Making Your Characters Come to Life


Creating and developing real, three-dimensional characters. Who are your characters? What do you know about them? What do they know about themselves? What do they want? How are you going to keep it from them? Why?


This workshop takes student writers through a series of activities designed to help them write characters who feel real to the reader.

Characters and Conflict


Without conflict, there is no story. This workshop takes students through the development of internal and external conflict and how it connects to characterization, plot and theme. May be combined with the character development workshop for a fuller learning experience.

The Best Stories Are in the Revision Process


Revision matters. This workshop takes students through the revision process, including word choice, POV, verb tense, pacing, paragraphing, scene development and organization, allowing writers to see the choices they have in storytelling.

Advice From a Bookseller


From community building to partnering for events and school visits (both IRL and virtual), to hand selling your books, advocating for authors and more, booksellers and bookstores (particularly independent bookstores) are a key element in an author’s success, even more so as we go about the tricky business of promoting books during an ongoing pandemic. This workshop will discuss the secrets of building real and meaningful partnerships with your local bookstores, and help both debut and seasoned authors navigate that relationship and mine it to its fullest.